Clearly, the person who wrote the YAHOO article has never lived here. LOL

When I saw the Yahoo headline on this story I was curious to find out what cities they found. The article title is 5 Best Southern Cities To Retire on a Budget of $1,500 a Month.  I did not expect both of our cities to be in the top 5. I mean, with housing, gas prices, and wages, I just figured that Midland and Odessa, Texas was on the higher end of things when it came to cost. I guess I was wrong?

If I told you you could retire in Midland or Odessa on $1500 a month what would be your first reaction. Most people I asked around the office LAUGHED! For real, laughed at it. One co-worker said...." Your kidding right?.... that's not even rent!" 

Yahoo's recent article lists the top 5 places to retire in the South and here's where Midland and Odessa just dropped.


Monthly groceries are the most expensive of all cities on this list, averaging $400.30 in Midland -- just under the national average of $411.83 per month. Rent is also the second highest, averaging $716 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. However, healthcare costs fall right in the middle at an average of $436.59 per month.


Google Maps
Google Maps




Odessa is the best Southern city to retire with a monthly budget of $1,500, with rent on a one-bedroom apartment being the most affordable on the list, at an average of $510.50 per month. Both the average monthly grocery cost -- $385.89 -- and average monthly healthcare cost -- $440.48 -- are the second highest of all five cities, but it still comes out on top.

Google Maps
Google Maps


The other spots went to

5. Lubbock, Texas

3. Lake Charles, Louisiana

2. McAllen, Texas

Wow, are you surprised? I mean, can you even retire on $1500 a month anywhere in the United States. It seems like a push and I'm sure people do it, but here in Midland Odessa? Interesting facts from YAHOO!  Do you agree? Do you think Midland and Odessa are good places to retire on a budget of $1500 per month? Comment below!

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