Has anyone else in Midland been flushing and re-flushing their toilets in the last few days? I kept looking at the water thinking, “ok, what’s up with the yellow?” Then it dawned on me that every so often Midland will do something with the water that involves chlorine and guess what? I was right! The city of Midlands public water system started it’s annual chlorine conversion on July 5th. What they are doing is converting the disinfectant from chloramine, free chlorine combined with ammonia, to free chlorine.  This process is going to last all the way until August 3rd. It’s not something you should worry about though, it’s not going to keep you from using your water for all the things you’re currently using it for.  You may notice a difference if you happen to drink the water.  The absence of ammonia in the water could make it taste different and smell different.  It’s also not something the water department just does when they feel like it, they’re required to properly disinfect the water on a regular schedule.

If you have questions or notice that you have discolored or cloudy water for longer than 30 minutes (honestly you’re water will likely be discolored for a few days or more) you can contact the Utilities Department at 432-685-7270

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