We are just about a week away now from the 2018 World Cup. The first match is host country Russia taking on Saudi Arabia on Thursday, June 14th, at 10am CST, 9am MST. Mexico's first match is against Germany on Sunday, June 17th at 10am CST< 9am MST.

To get you ready for this World Cup, here are the odds for every country to win the whole thing. Yes, I had to look this stuff up because I'll be placing a wager against my fiance, and she's already picked Germany.

All these odds come from Vegas Insider, and are to win the whole thing. They do have the odds to make the final, semi-finals, etc. which you can find if you CLICK HERE.

Brazil 7/2
Germany 4/1
Spain 6/1
France 6/1
Argentina 9/1
Belgium 10/1
England 16/1
Portugal 20/1
Colombia 33/1
Uruguay 33/1
Croatia 33/1
Russia 40/1
Poland 50/1
Mexico 80/1
Denmark 80/1
Switzerland 80/1
Sweden 100/1
Nigeria 150/1
Egypt 150/1
Senegal 150/1
Serbia 150/1
Japan 250/1
Morocco 250/1
Peru 200/1
Iceland 200/1
Australia 400/1
Costa Rica 400/1
South Korea 500/1
Tunisia 500/1
Iran 500/1
Saudi Arabia 750/1
Panama 750/1

As you can see, Mexico is in about the middle of the pack with 80 to 1 odds. Which is the second best odds to win it all out of their group. Of Germany is one of the favorites with 4 to 1 odds, but then you have Sweden at 100 to 1, and then South Korea at 500 to 1.

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