People love being outdoors during the spring and summer, especially with a refreshing drink. It's hard to enjoy wine poolside but companies are changing that. Springtime is when people start gearing up for their outdoor activities but summertime is when it really people get excited about those outdoor drinking festivities. Whether it's by the pool, by the lake or just enjoying time at an outdoor BBQ. Unfortunately for wine fans, you either have to forego your wine time or put it into a plastic container. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of drinking wine out of plastic, I want a wine glass or chilled container. Or simply the wine bag in my purse if I'm out a house party. Not to mention sometimes you're somewhere and a wine bottle opener isn't handy, and you may not be able to open that delicious bottle of vino. But two wine companies are bringing their products up to the times with their new packaging that is perfect for all those summertime activities you love!

Cupcake Vineyards is a California-based vineyard and female fronted company who know exactly what their target demographic. Recently, they debuted their new wine cans for two of their most popular varieties- Rose and Sauvignon Blanc. Even more exciting, they debuted the new cans at Coachella Festival- offering Froze out of their wine truck and even had an inflatable wine cane for festival-goers to take an Instagram-worthy shot in front of.

Franzia may be known for their large boxes of wine (thus how I end up with bags of wine in my purse at house parties) but now they are taking that genius idea even farther, by introducing wine "juice" boxes. Each box will contain an equivalent of 3 glasses of wine inside! There will also be a larger variety of wines than Cupcake, with Franzia offering rose, Chardonnaycrisp white, and Pinot Grigio/ Colombard. The price of their juice boxes are impressive too, with each about $3.49, which is just a little over $1 each glass of wine inside.

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