It's funny how peoples hatred of Nickelback has become a thing?

Personally I have no issue with Nickelback, not only do they create catchy radio hits but put on one of the best live shows of any touring rock band out there, I have seen Nickelback multiple times and they have never just reeled it in on stage.

It's funny when you ask people why they hate Nickelback there's never that one answer that makes you go...sure that makes sense!

I have heard some say it's because they aren't being original and they are just using a formula to make hits, well my argument to that is one of the biggest bands in the world have done that for years and noon says anything about them, the band I refer to is AC/DC.

So with a new Nickelback album ready to hit the streets entitled Feed The Machine and the first radio single of the same name hitting the airwaves I say enjoy Nickelback for all thye do for a struggling genre



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