I have been noticing on my Facebook feed that there are more and more videos coming up that show people in a physical altercation with some showing someone standing up to a bully or a bully being a bully and then taking the drive to fist city and I find it that these type of videos are going viral.

I can look back at some of my situations when a conversation was needed and instead I reacted in a way that didn't solve anything for any of the parties involved.

It doesn't matter what the situation is, violence should be the last thing on your mind. Of course you have every right to defend yourself but to out right want to throw fists to solve a conflict will solve nothing and will only escalate the situation.

I believe that any situation that life throws at you can be solved by having a conversation. Now a conversation doesn't have to involve 2 people, it can be a conversation that you have with yourself regarding the problem.

I am sure that you have heard some say that it isn't like the old days when 2 people would throw fists and then they would talk about it and then everything was squashed. I have seen that happen as well but with cyber bullying people of all ages do not have the out to have that conversation because those that hide behind a computer and see that their words are causing a reaction they will not stop.

I had that happen to me where I had seen some things that were less than stellar about some of friends along with myself that were the cause of cyber bullying. I took the point to handle that particular situation in a way that wasn't very good. Do not miss understand what I am saying, I was furious but that is not an excuse for what COULD have been solved with a conversation. What surprise after I had confronted these dudes that nothing was solved by my actions. Months had went by and one of the dudes actually came up to me to squash what had happened and instead of allowing him the right to explain I cut him off and took that chance away from him leaving the issue somewhat UN-resolved.

We can always say could of should of would of, but when you don't give someone the ability to explain themselves or have a conversation it will sit on them and eventually will come out in way that won't be good.

It comes down to this, no matter what the conflict is if it involves work, family, friends or someone you have never met before step up and have a conversation with them and keep your cool you can be serious without getting out of control and changing the outcome of problem. 99 percent of the time you will come out of the situation without any violence and that is the way to go.

I believe that we need to stand up and say it's not OK to be praising violence between people because it is viewed as entertainment.

If there is anyone that has learned the hard way by choosing not to have a conversation and just go off of reaction, it was myself and by no means am I saying I am better that anybody it just took me a bit top realize what I could have been doing, I am just showing you a different way so you don't have to make as many mistakes as I did by not having a conversation.