We got to talking about the constant rumors surrounding Idris Elba and him potentially being the next James Bond. I'm not sure any of these rumors have any truth to them at all, it seems to just the Internet jumping on something that most people think would be kinda cool.

Coincidentally I also stumbled on this questions on AskReddit. And someone wanted to know, who in the world right now is the closest thing we have to a Bond villain right now. Of course when I asked Buzz about it, he said Trump. But I'm sure a lot of questions I ask to Buzz will end up with that answer.

The top answer when I first saw it was actually pretty brilliant. User EssOhKayAyEl wrote:

Elon Musk - He's just yet to use his powers for evil but when he does he'll have control of energy, mass transit, space....

Just think about 'The Killing Joke' and how much power Musk actually has. Maybe he is just one bad day away from being a super villain.

You can check out the full reddit post here.