Most of us will NEVER get the once-in-a-million lifetimes chance of going up in space. For 99.9% of the human race-we're relegated to seeing things in pictures and in videos. So it was pretty cool to stumble across what my new home here in Midland looks like from the far reaches. Doesn't come as much of a surprise what the little green men cruising past Earth might see looking down at our area with all the desert surrounding us and the oil field-but still an interesting snapshot:

(Pictures courtesy of NASA and the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth and the International Space Station Program)



Look! Closer---you can see us standing in the parking lot waving!! It takes a bit more time for FM Radio signals to reach space-so when Gwen and I talk about something happening in the Permian and you hear it thru your radio--5 to 20 minutes later, we can be heard on Mars. Since Gwen is sure that's where I'm from anyway-it's important to entertain the folks at home for me, too. :-)



You can tell it's a much more populated area like any big city-with the more defined lines that there's more of a pattern between city and country... And if you look closer you can also see water as well. I maintain, however-that I'm perfectly fine with my feet planted right here on the ground-unless I'm taking a trip by plane. That's about as high in the sky as I want to get.

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