I read a blog entry today that I just couldn't wrap my head around, I mean I get what the writer was going for but it just didn't sit well in the pot if you know what I mean?...

I only read it because someone I completely and whole heartedly respect and love shared it on her Facebook page and I happened to have three extra minutes to spare.  I liked the content and I loved that whomever was writing had their grammar skills on fleek all the while adding in some familiar slang to make everything more casual and relatable. Good on ya random blogger whose identity I did not bother to discover.


The point, however, was not something I agreed with.


Basically the subject was people who are overly sensitive that read blogs and feel the need to opinion projectile vomit all over someone's views.  I gathered at the end of the blog that the point she was trying to get across to these people who cant contain their hell fire hate for a view or idea or opinion that doesn't match thiers was that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.


What?  Is not social media a virtual platform for voicing ones opinion, controversial or not, and waiting for the barrage of "haters" to give you the opportunity to start a fight that you don't actually have to be there for?  I mean when people post things like "I'm for immunizations and if you don't like it your an Asshat" they know good and well the repercussions, not only do they know but most are posting such "oh no they didn't" comments purely for inevitable onset of riotous remarks they know will follow.


MY POINT is that it's just silly to tell people to calm down and not be so judgy and if you don't agree with the things someone posts about then don't comment of un-follow them, because social media is called SOCIAL media for a reason....otherwise we would have to call it "talking into cyber space with no one listening...or reading as is the case here".  The whole point is get reactions from others or why else would we bother posting at all.


I mean just think, what would we do if we didn't have social media?!?  We'd be forced to simply knowing that what we believe in isn't what everyone else in the world believes in and being ok with that , having our own views that we don't force onto people and not needing/having anyone to reinforce everything we do, say, eat and think by the number of "likes" we get...


Can you imagine what a crazy world that would be....just sayn