The old truck. The lonely road. The wind. The dirt. The dog. The field. We may have discovered the most West Texas video EVER posted by user @texascountryreporter, with the caption "West Texas isn't for the weak."

Our part of the country can be brutal. Sometimes I wonder what it must have been like for early settlers around here. I can only imagine it through history books and old western films, but it looks pretty rough. Unforgiving terrain, snakes, coyotes, an utter lack of water, and tons of creepy crawly things that will bite the hell out of you if given the chance. We definitely picked an odd spot to call home.

I drive between Aspermont and Lubbock nearly every single weekend. The highway roads can get pretty lonely and honestly kind of frightening sometimes. I nearly hit a huge wild pig a few weeks ago in an area with zero cell reception.

Something about driving out there through the empty plains really speaks to us all. The sun rises and sets so beautifully over a countryside full of danger and mystery. As far as we have come, we are still living in the wild west if you really think about it.

Texans are tough as nails.

The simple video was shared five days ago and has already amassed nearly 150,000 views as well as thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Check it out below:


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