The 2022 United States elections is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. That's right around the corner!

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With any election comes all these crazy political ads! Some are funny, some are intense and some make you say "WHAT. THE. F*CK?!" Let's take a look at four political ads that made me laugh but also ask "WTF did I just watch?!"

John Kennedy of Louisiana

This first ad really did make me say "WTF?!" just because I was not expecting it. This is Louisiana senator John Neely Kennedy and this is his solution to the call to "defund the police".

He delivered that line with a straight face and I could never!

Ron DeSantis of Florida

Over in Florida, when Ron DeSantis was running for Governor of Florida, this is the ad that he went with- which could easily be mistaken for an SNL parody!

Note the Trump rubber ducky!

Now, as early voting is underway in Florida, this is the new ad DeSantis has released, which many are calling "the best ad of the season".

As you can see, he brought his son back for this one.

Linda Paulson of Utah

This was borderline cringe but also kind of adorable. A granny from Utah raps her way into our hearts in hopes of also getting a seat as Utah Senator.

Linda Paulson's rap is one of our favorites on the show.

Early voting is underway in Texas- if you're looking for a polling place, click here.

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