One girl in America has the honor to say she's had two guys fight over her in parking lot like two wild bulls.

The video starts off with the guy in blue delivering blow after blow to the guy in grey. To avoid from being punched in the face the guy in grey attempts to grab the guy in blue. Well unfortunately for him the guy in blue is bigger and stronger. While he's being lifted into the air the guy in grey goes to the only defense he had at the moment. The ATOMIC WEDGIE!

The two guys wrestle on the ground for a little bit before they are separated by suburb kids who are recording the fight for your viewing pleasure. In the end the guy in grey walks towards the camera and delivers the line 'Is it bad?' Nah just a little scratch.

Here's a bonus clip for you! In the fight below the kid in the uniform is getting bullied by the shirtless kid. I give him props for standing up to the bully but he's no match for the bigger more powerful bully. Plus, he is wearing socks on a slippery floor. I'd suggest in this case crotch hits and knee stomps are acceptable. After all street fighting isn't a regulated sport.