Another day, another example of just how poorly people drive here in the Lone Star State.

Is there anything more annoying than an impatient driver? For my money, the answer is a hard “no.”

If you’re running late for something, just bite the bullet and show up late. It’s not worth risking your and other people's lives by driving like a maniac. As the old saying goes, better late than never.

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I don’t know what the situation was with the driver in the below video, but they didn’t make it to their destination. Instead, they ended up in a busted vehicle sitting in the middle of the highway. Lucky for them, the car didn’t roll over because it sure looked like that was where it was headed.

Many of the people commenting on the video are debating just who is at fault here, with some pointing out that the driver of the Tesla changed lanes and then hit their brakes as the Honda approached. However, a Tesla owner commented that Teslas automatically brake when someone is about to hit them.

Regardless, the driver of the truck was most certainly not at fault. Yet they were the only vehicle to be involved in the accident. Luckily, the truck didn’t sustain much damage.

The condition of the driver of the Honda isn’t clear as of this posting. Hopefully, they’re okay. And hopefully, they’ll learn their lesson and stop driving like a maniac.

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