You can vote on anything these days, so we decided to jump on that bandwagon of cute pets by creating a cutest Buzz Adams Morning Show contest. We may not have any fancy trophy or award show, but we do have an opportunity to give the winner a few minutes to brag about how cute their pet is.

We are asking listeners to vote for which Morning Show member has the cutest pet! It is really easy and as we know, people will vote for useless things like singing shows over political changes. Here is your chance to make someone very happy with just a click of your mouse or tap of your phone.

Simply take our poll and cast your vote for the cutest pet. You can to choose between Brandon's pup, rocky and INSERT NAME, Joanna's cats, Junior and Penny; or Lisa's fur baby, Tubby! Buzz doesn't have any photos of his pets because he doesn't truly love them.

Here are Joanna's Pets. First is Junior, The Ginger Model Cat.

This is Penny who will play Two-Face in the next Batman movie.

Here is Brandon's Chewy dressed in his best gangsta bandana.

Brandon Coates

Brandon's second doggo is Rocky, who is also pretty gangsta too.

Here is Lisa's famous Tubby, who is rocking his spider suit.

Winner will be announced in a week, January 23rd, so vote NOW!