Going through my gramas house recently, trying to help her organize and preserve her special and valuable items has taught me a thing or two about vintage items.  Actually, I guess you could say I taught myself.  You’d be surprised the stuff you can find if you know what to look for.  With that being said I figure I’d give you a little list of vintage items that could turn out to be worth more than you would expect.    Pyrex and any kind of glassware is always something you want to look out for.  The blue, pink and turquoise sets are always the most popular, therefore the most valuable but if I were you I’d keep all the vintage Pyrex and glassware you find.  China sets used to be like THE THING to gift people back in the day and some of those sets could be worth a hefty sum now.  Make sure you check the brand and look it up online to find out for sure.  Anything Disney that’s old could be worth something but you’ll have to take the time to hold old it actually is ect…. Vintage toys of all kinds really are always smart to save.  Cabbage Patch dolls with their original birth certificates could be worth enough to buy you a really nice used motorbike. ANYTHING vintage Star Wars is a huge score…and not just because their worth money, just cause their awesome! Vintage items are super popular right now, so if you’re undergoing the task of cleaning out an old house make sure you keep a sharp eye out for some stuff that could make all the work worth wild and good luck!

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