Last night Danielle and I went out to eat and as we waited to be seated a few men were having a conversation that made me make a choice to either say something or just walk away.

I just want to explain that there isn't anyone that doesn't enjoy a good story or a joke that doesn't leave room for imagination. But there is a time a place for that and it is not within ear shot of anyone that it might offend.

The very young girl that was seating everyone was no less than 5 feet away from this conversation and Danielle and myself was 3 feet away and after hearing about the 4th "F-Bomb" and hearing about how he spent his time with a female I had to say something.

I could have been a little more nicer about them using the language, but at least they knew that it wasn't cool to talk like in public.

Hopefully they will think the next time they decide to talk like that where there are people around that might not want to hear that.