Ok let me start by saying this was 1,000% NOT by choice. We were planning a family summer vacation years ago and genius me decided to try one of those hotel booking sites for the very first time. I was not familiar with any of them or how they worked, I was just winging it. NEVER again.

This particular booking site would not tell you the name of the hotel you would be staying at until after the payment was processed. The only thing I knew was that it was a 5-star hotel. Heck yeah, let's do this. *Inputs credit card info* Voila! Done deal, what luxurious hotel shall we be enjoying on our week-long vacay? The Emily Morgan. Hmmmm, let me check it out online, look at photos and such.

Yeah cut to me doing those things and immediately coming across every website that begins with HAUNTED hotel. The blood drained from my face, my heart immediately started racing and I was no longer looking forward to my stay. Just FYI, The Emily Morgan Hotel is the 3rd most haunted hotel in the UNITED STATES.

I wasn't even excited about the fact that it is located directly across from The Alamo. Heck that place is haunted too, I'm just going to be surrounded by ghosts. So despite my best efforts with the hotel booking site to try to get my reservation canceled and my money back, nope, didn't happen and we went on our trip. Upon arrival it


For a quick history lesson as to who she was and why she is believed to haunt the hotel, visit the ghostcitytours website.


According to the emilymorganhotel website, various employees and guests have had supernatural experiences:

the phone will ring in the middle of the night and when picked up, there is no one on the other end of the line. A room attendant will clean a room and after emerging from the bathroom, will find the pillows from the bed were tossed to the ground.


Some guests have reported seeing a woman in white walking the halls and others have reported shadows moving along walls where no shadow should be.


The staff has made several reports of seeing doors close for no reason and feeling a presence on certain floors with no one else around. Guests have heard what they describe as hospital carts outside their door, and the 14th floor has a distinct smell of antiseptic or a band-aid odor.


A sales manager spending the night returned to her room after dinner to find the bathtub had been filled with blue water.

Now do you understand why this girl was terrified? So did anything happen during our stay at The Emily Morgan? Fortunately, no. And trust me when I say, the first couple of nights, I got no sleep, for fear that if I closed my eyes I would wake to her standing over me or something. No thank you.

We did speak to an employee however that claimed they had heard a female voice announce the number of the floor you were about to reach in the elevator. Why is this spooky? The hotel has never had this type of system in place. In other words, that could be Emily Morgan's voice you hear because there should be no sound at all. Coincidence? I think not. Visit the hotel for yourself if you dare....

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