Air Force veteran, purple heart recipient and now Democratic candidate MJ Hegar says she's fought tough battles in her new political ad. But can she win? In the middle of deep red Texas, one Democratic congressional candidate is ready for her battle and ready to open doors like she's done her entire life. MJ Hegar is running against GOP incumbent John Carter for Texas 31st Congresisonal seat. Hegar has for and raised in Texas and uses her political campaign ad to tell her life story to her constituents. Her life hasn’t been easy, but she has overcome many trials and tribulations to not only open doors, but rip them off their hinges to make the world a better place for women wanting to advance in a man’s world. She spent three tours in Afghanistan and after being shot and surviving a helicopter crash she became the second woman ever to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal with Valor. After, Hegar was barred from her second career choice and decided that wasn’t okay with her and sued the Pentagon. And she won. But not just for her and her career choice, Hegar sued against the ban on women serving in all ground combat jobs and lobbied congress but saw many doors shutting her face. Including the door of John Carter. According to Hegar, Carter told her that she wasn’t one of his donors so he wouldn’t grant her a meeting. Now, it looks like that closed door is now biting him in the behind because she is running against him, to make sure doors are always open to constituents, regardless if they are a donor or not. Check her ad in the video above.

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