Tremonti, the group fronted by Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, has announced that their third album, Dust, will be released April 29. You can watch the teaser video, which features a bit of the song “Catching Fire,” above.

The record was cut during the sessions for its predecessor, 2015’s Cauterize, with Wolfgang Van Halen playing bass. Van Halen first toured with the group in 2012. The two bands have known each other since the late ‘90s, when Creed opened up for Van Halen at Madison Square Garden.

Tremonti is quick to point out that the material on Dust shouldn’t be thought of as outtakes from Cauterize.

"At first I just wanted to record as many songs as possible,” he said. “But when I stepped back and listened to it, I was, like, 'You know what?! Let's make two records.' So I left some of my favorite songs on the second record, just so people aren't gonna buy the first record and then go, 'Okay, this is the good record and this is the bad one. These are the bad songs.' My brother Dan likes the second record better than the first record. Some of my favorite songs are on the second record. ... It's definitely not the 'B-sides' of [Cauterize].”

You can pre-order Dust at Fret12’s website. There are various packages that include autographed CDs, handwritten lyric sheets, T-shirts, hoodies and your very own credit in the liner notes.

Tremonti 'Dust' Track Listing
1. “My Last Mistake”
2. “The Cage”
3. “Once Dead”
4. “Dust”
5. “Betray Me”
6. “Tore My Heart Out”
7. “Catching Fire”
8. “Never Wrong”
9. “Rising Storm”
10. “Unable to See”

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