Last week I found a reddit thread that was asking if you were to create a care package that summed up Texas, what would you put in it. There's a new one this week from reddit. The question was asked "What are some Texas traditions that don't exist anywhere else?"

Since moving to Texas about a year ago I've certainly learned some traditions that I never even knew existed. For example, cascarones. I remember everyone on the show talking about it, and myself having no clue what they were talking about. But I certainly know what they are now.

Here are some of the responses to this question on reddit:

  • From CrazySwayze82 - "How about no where else on the planet do you get an entire f***ing loaf of white bread when you order a plate of bbq."
  • From Lokaji "People in other states rarely recommend eating at a gas station." (This one is specifically for Buzz considering his affinity for Allsup's)

Are there any traditions you know of that only exist in Texas?