The time is getting close for The Totally 80s Fest coming to The Midland Horseshoe Arena on Saturday October 1st featuring The Jets, Tiffany and headliners Skid Row!

We all know there have been some lineup changes in the band but who cares, so has every other 80s band at this point!  It's honestly all about the music and Skid Row most certainly delivers!

Even after all these years the band still delivers the 80s right to your doorstep, then proceeds to come in and trash the place!

If you are looking for iconic songs from the 80s no one delivers the goods quite the way Skid Row does, whether it's their ballads or their furious rockers this is one show you don't want to miss!

So gather your friends and join us for out Totally 80s Fest on Saturday, October 1st and you can get your tickets by visiting

You can also enjoy my interview with David "Snake" Sabo of Skid Row