The U.S. absolutely dominated the Olympics this year in Rio. And that's even with some athletes that are usual locks for medals, either not winning one, or just not winning the gold.

Now that the Olympics are over and we know the U.S. won every single medal category, pretty handily, we can break it down by state, and see where each state stacks up not only against each other, but also against the other countries.

The following count is based on where has each athletes home state listed. You may think that Texas might get credit for Kevin Durant's gold medal in men's basketball, but he's not listed by UT, he's listed as Washington D.C., where he grew up.

Here are the total medal counts with the top U.S. states separated compared to the rest of the world.

  • #1 - U.S. - 121 total medals
  • #2 - China - 70
  • #3 - United Kingdom - 67
  • #4 - California - 58
  • #5 - Russia - 56
  • #9 - Italy - 28
  • #10 - Florida - 23
  • #11 - Texas - 22
  • #11 - Canada - 22

And Texas actually faired rather well when it comes to amount of total athletes compared to medals won. Texas had a total of 33 athletes and brought home 22 medals. California which had the most medals won at 58, sent a whopping 124 athletes. Of course 5 of Texas' medals were won by Simone Biles, but does that really matter?