If you commute between Midland and Odessa on Hwy 191, then these are things you definitely know.

Speed Limit is a Suggestion

You know that if you are going the speed limit on Hwy 191 you are a hazard because no one goes 75, that is just a suggestion. Everyone is going 80-85 and you need to keep up if you are driving on 191.

No One Cares That the Left Lane is For Passing Only

Most people that drive on 191 from the #1 segment are driving in the left lane all the way from one town to the other because everyone that is taking the speed limit seriously is being passed by everyone else. There is no signage yet on 191 about the left lane is for passing only also.

Lead, Follow, Or Get the Hell Out of the Way

This is self-explanatory, either lead the pack all the way from one city to the other, follow the pack all the way, or just get in the right lane and stay out of the way if you have to go the speed limit. This will make it safer for everyone driving on 191.

You Can Pass on the Right

This is only applicable if the person in the left lane is one of the few law-abiding citizens driving on 191. If they will not get in the right lane where they belong then to keep the flow of traffic going as it should, you may pass the law-abider in the right lane.

As With Everything, Keep a Lookout For DPS Officers

You are breaking the law if you are driving over 75 and you will be pulled over if you get in the crosshairs of the radar gun. Also depending on how far over the speed limit you are going is also the amount of pain your bank account will be feeling.


As always be safe out there and stay within the boundaries of the law, and take this list with a grain of salt.




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