Trying to define a state by it's cuisine can be difficult for most of the other 49 but here in Texas, it's easy. Why? Because the Texas cuisine is enjoyed in all 50 states, not just here in Texas.

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From a well prepared steak, we are the land cattle for a reason, to the best in vodka and beer, to the best ice cream in the country, Texas just has a way of making the things we eat and drink everybody's favorite.

Texas BBQ

It's already been well documented how much the rest of the U.S. loves Texas style BBQ, "Texas Style" has been named the Number 1 style of BBQ in America beating out the likes of Kansas City style, Memphis style, North Carolina and South Carolina style BBQ but, Texas is responsible for so much more than just BBQ.

Texas Comfort Foods

Nobody does comfort food better than Texas, in fact, I'm not sure where the term "comfort food" came from, but I'd be willing to bet it started here in Texas. Even if it didn't, Texas found a way to perfect it.

Texas Desserts

As much as Texans have perfected the art of BBQ, Tex-Mex and comfort foods, we've done the same with desserts. There are several dishes that scream "Texas" loud and proud when served across the country. Once again Texans have just perfected the post entre' dish.

Texas Beer & Vodka

Need to cool down or just relax after a long day? Texas is also home to some of the finest beer and vodka in the country. Perhaps one of the not so best kept secret is the fine tequila that's made right here in the heart of Texas. Plus several choices of beer that originated in the Lone Star State. Texas also has our own Wine Country that are turning heads across the country.

So which of these define Texas? Let's take a look.

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There's more to Texas than just Dallas Cowboys and oil in fact, Texas has helped shape the taste of America. From BBQ, to Tex Mex to Ice Cream and beyond, Texas has introduced the rest of the U.S. to the Texas way of life through food. So what foods and drink make Texas so special? Let's take a look.

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