With Halloween quickly approaching it's a time that I know I loved as a kid and I'm sure that most kids still feel the same way today, not only are you getting to dress up as your favorite superhero, monster, princess or whatever character you love, it is the time when kids get to go from door to door and get FREE candy!!

Now with this comes a risk that you may end up at the one house that's too cheap to buy what the kids really want, chocolate, instead you end up with candy that immediately finds it's way onto someone else's lawn or to the trash.

So I have compiled a list of the top 10 worst candies to get for Halloween and here they are.

10. Necco Wafers

09. Smarties

08. Candy buttons

07. Candy Corn

06. Mellocreme pumpkins

05. Dums Dums

04. Tootsie Roll

03. Hot Tamales

02.  Banana Laffy Taffy

01. Twizzlers

There you have it the 10 worst candy to get for Halloween, so advice to those buying candy for the trick or treaters, buy the chocolate!  If you notice, NONE of those candies were what, YES, chocolate!