Longtime Cuban president Fidel Castro passed away on Friday (Nov. 25) at the age of 90, and while many are celebrating the death of what they considered a brutal tyrant, some are praising his accomplishments. In a lengthy social media post, Tom Morello, who visited Cuba to perform with Audioslave, shared a few reasons why people should mourn Castro's death.

In his post, Morello is quick to point out that while he doesn't agree with all that Castro did, he adds, "There is ample reason why he is vilified in the US and yet remains a huge hero throughout the Third World."

He continues, "By defying Yankee imperialism for 50 years, instituting the best healthcare, child immunization and literacy systems in the Western Hemisphere (surpassing the US and Canada), exporting doctors to countries in need all over the globe (the Bush administration turned down his offer to send medical teams to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina), and being an unrepentant advocate of the poor and exploited it is no surprise that millions will mourn his passing."

The guitarist also recalled Audioslave's visit to Cuba, adding, "That experience will be one I will always treasure, especially the trip we took to a former country club of the wealthy that had been turned into a free college for gifted musicians."

Morello concluded his posting with the hashtags, #VivaLeRevolucion and #RIPFidel. See the full post below.

Audioslave performed a free concert in Cuba in May of 2005, with the show eventually being turned around for the Live in Cuba DVD later that year.

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