Texas Native American tribe the Tiguas woke up Monday morning to find a Native American statue on their land vandalized with paint.

The southwestern Native American tribe, the Tiguas, recently had their Rocking the Rez Pow Wow at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center where they entertained and educated the community. Unfortunately members of the tribe woke up this morning to a statue of one of their founding tribal members vandalized.

The statue of Nestora Piarote stands outside of the Tiguas Cultural Arts Center at 305 Ya Ya Lane. Nestora Piarote was a well known Tigua potter and has close to 900 descendants within the Tigua tribe. The statue now has red paint splashed across it and tribal police are now investigating the vandalism.

Tribal Council Member Rudy Cruise said that many tribal members have the day off and have to drive by the statue on their way to drop off their kids at school today. Cruise also noted that the tribe doesn't celebrate Columbus Day, but instead celebrate Pueblo Reunion Day.

Anyone with information on the vandalism of the Tigua statue are being asked to call the Tribal Council Office (915) 859-8053. Your call can be anonymous. There is also a REWARD for any information that leads to an arrest of the person who committed the vandalism.


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