Many women are currently living in fear of their bodily autonomy being stripped from them. News of the supreme court voting to overturn abortion rights along with many states passing ‘trigger laws’ that would ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned, sparks outrage among many women.

We are now moving backward in time as the government attempts to take women’s rights to their own bodies away from them. I want to make it clear that I personally would not get an abortion, but I strongly believe that every woman should have the right to make that decision for herself.

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One thing that is good about our government respecting people’s religious freedoms, is that many women have used this to discover a loophole in order to protect their reproductive rights. There are at least two religious groups that I have discovered who prioritize bodily autonomy and protecting reproductive rights. Both of these groups are legally recognized as religions, and by becoming a member of either group, your reproductive rights are protected as a part of your religious freedom in the United States.

The first religion is the most well-known and also the most misunderstood. The Satanic Temple is an official religion recognized by the IRS, that is based on seven fundamental tenets. These tenets focus on compassion, empathy, justice, and the most important for what I'm discussing is bodily autonomy. Something that most people don’t understand is that members of The Satanic Temple do not worship Satan, nor believe that an entity such as that even exists. If you want to join the Temple of Satan, you can become a member for free by signing up on their official website.

The next religion I want to talk about is The Church of Prismatic Light. This organization is also legally recognized as a religion, does not worship a deity, and is focused on maintaining the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. They are also based on seven tenets that focus on an individual’s right to medical care, including gender-affirming surgeries and reproductive care. If you want to join The Church of Prismatic Light, you can sign up on their official website.

If you decide to join either of these churches and are a Texas resident, then you would be protected by the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This provides a way to seek exemption from any law that restricts the free exercise of religion, including Senate Bill 8, otherwise known as the Texas Heartbeat Bill. The Satanic Temple is dedicated to helping its members by allowing them to contact the organization directly in order to have them assist in fighting against the law directly. If you want to learn more about how The Satanic Temple is dedicated to protecting reproductive rights, visit their official website.

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