It's no secret that Ben Affleck is hanging up his batsuit and they need a new leading man to take the role. Here are some handsome, quality replacements.

Kit Harrington

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The Game of Thrones star is wrapping up the last season of the mega-hit show and will have some time on his hands. Why not get him to star as Batman?! He already has the brooding stares down, an excellent fighter from what we've seen in the HBO show and is famous, but the Batman role could catapult him into A-list status. And I'm not the only one who thinks he could be great in the role.

Jared Padalecki

I've never been a fan of Supernatural, but looking at this actor I could see why he appeals to some people as a good choice for the next caped crusader. He's starred in the hit tv series an impressive 14 seasons and is still a huge celebrity crush for many female fans out there.

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Liam Hemsworth

Mr. Miley Cyrus is a total hunk that has a few movies under his belt but needs that special role to catapult him as one of Hollywood's leading men. He's able to do the action scenes, as we saw in the Hunger Games movies and being a superstar is in his blood. We all know how drool-worthy his older brother Chris is. Liam is an underappreciated actor who could really bring new life to the Batman role.

Cindy Ord

KJ Apa

I'm still on the fence about this actor, but you can't deny that he's a total teen heartthrob. Apa is the star of CW's "Riverdale" and has captured the hearts of young girls all over as sweet ginger Archie. Archie is the kind of character who tries to do what's right and protect his friends and can take a punch, all qualities Bruce Wayne needs.

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Scott Eastwood

Now we're getting to the kings of the handsome, brooding look. Scott Eastwood really hasn't broken into the Hollywood the way he should and we know that having great acting skills is in his blood. He's a perfect action star but hasn't found that role that has brought him to his full potential. He played a soldier in Justice League but it was such a minor role it wouldn't matter if he was brought in to be the next caped crusader. I think with a good hair dye job he would look great in the part of Batman.

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Armie Hammer

And here is the top contender for the role of Bruce Wayne. Many say that Armie Hammer is the perfect choice for the role. He clocks in at 6'5" so he's a great height for the role and is handsome with a great head of hair. I don't know his action acting abilities but that may be easier to deal with since he's already got the looks. I'd like to see him in that role!

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