When my wife and I moved to West Texas from Illinois early on into the Pandemic in 2020, we started talking about the possibility of my stepdaughter Joslyn coming to Texas for College. When we moved, she chose to remain in Illinois to finish high school with her lifelong friends while living with her Dad. So having her close would be amazing. The first step was for her to figure out (or at least have a somewhat vague idea anyway) what exactly she wants to do when she's an adult. She's been leaning toward getting her DPT degree (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and has been investigating the career. Once she got the chance to spend some time shadowing with my wife's friend Dana back home, who is a Physical Therapy Assistant in suburban Chicago, she was sold.

Next step-look into the best schools that provide quality education and training to get her where she wants to be. At the top of our list is Texas Tech. And not just because of its proximity to where we live in Midland. Admittedly, that's a huge bonus because if it worked out that she ended up attending Tech, she'd be a 90-minute drive away. Selfishly for us, we'd love that. A bonus for her is the amazing experience it's sure to offer with not only the Program itself but all the student amenities and activities she can take part in. Campus life is a huge part of the experience, and at Texas Tech they've thought of everything.

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We had a lot of fun with Kendall, our campus tour guide arranged by Taylor Love, Assistant Director For Operations at the Texas Tech Undergraduates Admissions Office.

attachment-Kendall Josie Vicki

L to R: Kendall, Joslyn, Vicki (Mom)

Kendall took us on an extended walking guided tour, showing us everything from the Student Union and Bookstore to the many different types of Dorms students can choose from:

attachment-Tech 1

As well as areas of interest on campus like Memorial Circle:

attachment-circle 1
attachment-circle 2
attachment-circle 3

And Little Ben--the replica of Big Ben across the Pond:

attachment-little ben

Legend has it that if you walk under Little Ben, You Won't Graduate On Time.

We loved the pool area since Joslyn loves to swim (including the newly constructed area for students to soak up the sun and enjoy a lazy river too)...

attachment-student pool 1
attachment-student pool 3
attachment-student pool 2

Kendall didn't miss a beat telling Joslyn all about campus life, the different clubs and activities that exist depending on your interests, as well as areas of campus to frequent for activities throughout the school year. She even stopped to show us some campus art along the way.

attachment-campus scultpture

It all wrapped up with Ryan Scheckel, the Assistant Director for the Pre-Professional Health Careers Program, taking time out of his busy schedule to visit with all of us and give Joslyn some truly amazing advice, as well as invaluable insight into ways to make her College application process stand out from the pack. So much valuable information and a great 'peek behind the curtain' for Joslyn to hear from someone who's in the trenches, so to speak, of the Program of her interest and with the students in it daily. The only word that comes to mind for me about the whole day is GOLD. Couldn't have asked for better, and Texas Tech couldn't possibly have been more AMAZING. The ENTIRE STAFF from beginning to end, as well as the students who take time in their day on campus to conduct these tours like Kendall--FANTASTIC is the word that comes to mind.

attachment-Ryan Josie Vicki

L to R: Vicki (Mom), Joslyn, and Ryan Scheckel

We're still a couple of years away from her Freshman year, and there's a lot of work to be done on her part to prepare for the next step. We hope she chooses Tech-but even if she doesn't, Tech will always be the place that set her on the path to success first with an incredible visit. Thanks to all involved, and I couldn't possibly recommend Tech any higher if you're having these conversations with your kids. Go see for yourself!

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