If you are like myself then I know that you have sat around and wondered what the Rick Astley classic "Never Gonna Give You Up" would sound like if it had a  Black Metal-Tex Mex-Hip Hop remix. Well that question has been answered and I did it myself.

Dinahmoe Labs gives us The Rick Astley Remixer where you can change the vocals, drums, bass, harmony and melody to create you own remix of the classic song. Be sure to click here so you can experience the The Rick Astley Remixer.

I am not going to lie when I saw the Black Metal Feature I was really stoked but the vocals are more like Waking The Cadaver than Abbath Doom, but it is still a cool feature to get some Metal Vocals.

Regardless I had some fun with this feature because you can freely switch back and forth through the settings without having to restart the song or wait for it to load which is a plus.

If you feel the need to annoy anyone around you then you need this in your life because you can share and play the remix you created as loud as you want to.