So I did this with burgers and man what a ton of help it was and I have yet to make it to my burger tour!

So now I would love to hear your thoughts on who has the best sub sandwich, one of personal favorites is Jimmy Johns but I am sure there are many undiscovered fantastic sandwiches out the ready to be tried.

I have heard of many of the player such as Which Wich, Jersey Mikes, Smiling Moose, Potbelly and the list goes on.  Honestly there is nothing better that a good sub sandwich and of course everybody has a different take on what that means.

So if I was to venture out and wanted to attempt something other than my old standby Jimmy Johns who might it be?

I have certainly tried most of the major sub chains and they are perfectly fine but what I am looking for is that one sandwich shop with character that is so good it will make you slap your momma in the mouth!