The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk is walking on his own for the first time since losing his leg in a bus accident late last year. Tkaczyk has posted video of his progress via his personal Instagram account.

In November 2015, The Ghost Inside’s tour bus collided with an 18-wheeler, leaving the band with serious injuries while the drivers of both vehicles perished in the crash. Tkaczyk has been steadily working on his rehabilitation, attaining his greatest achievement to-date by walking with the help of a prosthetic leg and a cane.

Tkaczyk’s new footage is enough to bring tears to the most hardened metalhead, so brace yourself for some incredibly inspirational video:

Tkaczyk threw some music from Comeback Kid into the video, beginning with the fitting lyrics, “So is this story over / Or has it just begun?” After tackling the parallel bars and getting around with a walker, Andrew is shown walking under his own power with just a cane and physical therapist tagging along for safety.

A few weeks ago, Tkaczyk shared video of himself playing drums for the first time since November's crash, using a separate prosthetic attached to Andrew's kick pedal to utilize all four limbs.

Not long after the crash, a GoFundMe page was launched to help the band members with their medical expenses and other costs associated with the crash. A $150,000 goal was set and has already been surpassed. If you wish to donate you may do so here. Meanwhile, Epitaph Records immediately began giving all proceeds from the band's record sales directly to the group in order to help financially with their recovery.

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