Oh what a rambling After Buzz this one was. It started out I was going to briefly go into the whole traffic merging thing. Briefly did not happen with that.  And there were specific topics I had planned out. But that started out the conversation.

Then we covered the following topics:

  • I go over the FCC guidelines. When and why I have to use the dump button. Which of course includes an explanation of the "dump button."
  • I give an inside scoop on a couple things that happened at the station over the past week.
    • Why Buzz was yelling at Fernie and I off air on Monday. This also includes an explanation of what a prize pig is, and how sometimes it's just fun to get under Buzz's skin.
    • There was a certain someone that was very much against the parody song contest we did when it was first pitched. And surprise surprise, that person ended up loving it.