This After Buzz turned into quite the ramble fest towards the end.

  • I recap Shim being in town a couple weeks ago. His concert and getting to record some episodes of the podcast with the whole band. We've currently released two of those episodes, with a couple more on the way.
  • The NBA playoffs kick off this weekend and I'm not confident at all in the Portland Trail Blazers. Turns out they are going up against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round, which is what I predicted in this After Buzz. My other prediction is the Blazers will get swept.
  • I have a lot of Netflix things to talk about.
    • Love, Death, and Robots is a great series with short episodes, so it's an easy watch.
    • Turn Up Charlie is a great comedy with Idris Elba as a former DJ looking to get back to the top of the charts.
    • Highwaymen is the movie all about the Texas Rangers that were called in to help capture Bonnie and Clyde. It stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson and it's a really good movie. Well worth your time to watch.
  • And finally, I start by just mentioning Dumbo, then proceed to spoil the whole movie because it really wasn't that good.

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