I say we all take a moment to feel good and think about the things in our lives that are going right. The media is just way too full of bad and scary news. Sometimes it can get so overwhelming. Covid, coin shortages, protests, police brutality, the job market, murder hornets...2020 has just thrown us so many strange curve balls this year. I say we all take a deep breath, relax for a second, and only think good thoughts for a minute.

I'll start us off. I'm thankful for my family. Yes, I know this is a typical answer, but with my son turning 17 this year, I have a limited amount of time left with him at home. Right now we have both the boys to watch movies with, eat dinner with, celebrate birthdays and holidays with, and just be a full family. He's planning on joining the Air Force when he graduates, so the clock is ticking. Holidays just won't seem the same without him spending the night at home every night. I'm thankful for my wife who really does keep me confident and grounded all at the same time. She is the anchor that holds our family together. Without her evening me out, and taking such good care of everyone, it just wouldn't be a family. I'm thankful for our youngest boy. He's got one of the best attitudes and personalities of any 11 year old. He's super smart, and loves being creative and drawing while at the same time he loves to be outside. That's a rare trait for kids these days. You can leave that kid outside with a dog, a shovel, and a water hose and he'll be out there for 2 or 3 hours as happy as can be. I'm thankful for a job I look forward to going to every single day. I'm thankful for my grill lol. Yes, My grill, I LOVE BBQing! There's something therapeutic about it. It's really cool because I'm always so fast paced, feeling like I have to keep up with the pace of the world around me. You can't rush BBQ. If you throw a brisket on the smoker, that means you just made a firm commitment to do nothing else for 12 hours, and everyone else around you is definitely ok with the result. I'm thankful for my dog. He's pretty much the coolest dog in existence. Everyone who comes to the house is just obsessed with how cool my dog is. He's a chubby pit bull who I've managed to train really well and he has just always had the best disposition about him.

What are you thankful for? It felt good to list all of those things out. Feel free to do the same in the comments.

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