During an arrest last week, police in Texas say a woman defected in her pants inside a cop car to attempt to hide drugs. We've heard stories before of people having unusual ways of trying to hide drugs, but a story out of Corsicana, Texas even the police department named "strange." On Wednesday, officers from the Corsicana Police Department were dispatched to the local HEB grocery store to investigate a theft at the store. Officers Michael Worthy and Officer Bobby Williams were in the middle of the investigation when the female suspect in the robbery began resisting arrest from the officers.

The two officers were able to put the suspect, 32 year-old Shannen Shunta Martin, into handcuffs and get her into the back of the cop car. When the cops were driving the suspect in the back of the cop car, that was when she decided to try and hide some incriminating evidence that she still had on her. During the transport, Martin pooped her pants in the back of the cop car and attempted to hide 2.3 grams of crack cocaine, a crack pipe and a Valentines card in her fecal matter. Police didn't find out about the hidden contraband until Martin was being booked into jail. With definitely one of the worst jobs of the day, Officer Worthy was given the task of combing through the fecal matter to retrieve the evidence. Shannen Shunta Martin was charged with Possession of Controlled Substance and Tampering with Evidence. The entire disgusting and disturbing narcotics arrests was summed up by the Corsicana Police department with one final statement:

"This is scientific proof that drugs will fry your brain folks :)"

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