When I moved to Texas, Texas Tech had ONE enemy, and that was Texas A&M.

I'm sure that the Red Raiders hated the University of Texas back in the day, but to me in the early days of the Southwest Conference it seemed like all the hate was reserved for the Aggies.

When I moved to Texas in 1979, I didn't even know what an Aggie joke was. It took a long time before I realized that the jokes we told about Polish people (yes, totally uncool, but I was 16 or 17) were all turned into Aggie jokes. Texas Tech fans would use any excuse whatsoever to tell Aggie jokes, even unfunny ones. They were just foaming at the mouth to put the Aggies down. I can't blame them, I seriously think that they may have the dumbest mascot of all time.

All of this brings us to some good-natured fun with a Texas Tech fan.

Apparently, a Red Raider faithful checked into an Airbnb that featured a sickening level of maroon. They then set about to redecorating the place, or as one TikTok commenter said, "doing God's work."

Fortunately, this Texas Tech fan had a bit of class and kept their redecorating to a non-permanent kind, using what looks to be mainly Post-it notes and some hand-drawn art. None of this makes any of this any less hilarious.

Check it out:

@kenna_ling21 #texastech #foryou #airbnb #decorating #collegestation #aggies #raiders #MakeItGucci ♬ Matador Song - Texas Tech Red Raiders - Live - The Goin' Band from Raiderland

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