has compiled a list of what each state Googles. Including what each state ask Google "how to" do something. Texas came in with a good one, with most people asking Google "how to see your soul." Clearly these people have never seen the episode of The Simpsons when Bart sells his soul to Milhouse. Didn't work out so well for Bart.

Here are some of the other great questions asked to Google from each state.

  • Nevada - "How to survive the zombie apocalypse."
  • Arizona - "How to join the Illuminati."
  • Hawaii - "How to be a ninja."
  • Oklahoma - "How to sext."
  • Florida - "How to get out of Florida."
  • Kansas - "How to find Kansas."

And here some other questions Texas asks Google:

  • How to bathe a cat
  • How to spell 40
  • How to spell 90
  • How to use bronzer
  • How to make a pipe bomb
  • How to be a Jedi
  • How to be gay (which ended up being tied with Florida for the states that asked this the most)

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