Memorial Day is upon us. With it being one of the busiest weekends of the year for Buffalo Springs Lake, Texas Game Warden Lt. Aaron Sims wants folks to stay safe on the water.

I spoke with Lt. Sims about the most important things to do before you set sail this holiday weekend.

The Top 7 Things To Do Before Hitting the Lake This Summer

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Lastly, Lt. Sims wants to remind folks that with so many people expected on the water this weekend, it's imperative that you are paying extra attention. "Keep your head on a swivel and really try to maintain a proper lookout while driving," he said.

Most importantly, Lt. Sims said that a life jacket can save your life. Just because it's not required for those 13 and up doesn't mean it is not a good idea.

"According the U.S. Coast Guard, 85 percent of folks that drown were not wearing their life jackets. It's something simple that you can put on and it just takes a few moments to do," Sims stressed. Best of all, you can rent them if you go to Buffalo Springs Lake.

Make sure to check out the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's website for more information of boater education certifications, registration for your vessel and fishing licenses.

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