We all know Texas summers can be brutal. Recently however, the power grid for Texas has been strained due to the triple digit temperatures the state has been experiencing. Even ERCOT requested that Texans conserve energy to the best of their ability.

However, some Texans might not to want adjust their AC, because as previously stated, with heat climbing, cooling off is of the highest priority. So to counteract with this possibility of not helping with energy conservation, some energy companies are doing something that customers may not like.

What are energy companies in Texas doing exactly?

With smart thermostats installed in some houses, energy companies in Texas have been adjusting the temperatures in people's homes to help ease the strain on the grid. Now, while it may seem like companies will adjust AC temperature for long periods, according to WFAA, it's only for a short window of time.

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So how long is it set?

WFAA reports that TXU Energy will only change air temps if the power grid's workload is intense. The Verge also stated that CenterPoint Energy will do the same thing, albeit with customers opting in.

However when certain customers noticed that the temperature in their home, they quickly removed themselves from the program according to WFAA.

So with the extreme heat, can we do anything more to help each other?

To truly help one another, listening to ERCOT is our best idea. To avoid any rolling blackouts or even complete loss of power, energy conservation will help us avoid future problems. So a little discomfort now will certainly keep us all cool during the summer.

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