The Texas Power Grid has been a talking point for many residents in the state. Ever since February of 2021, where the grid almost reached a point that would have caused many to not even have power for a longer time than expected. After that weather event, one major question was raised:

Will The Texas Power Grid Be Able To Stand Another Weather Event?

We've discussed in the past that ERCOT hasn't been giving us good vibes regarding the power grid. ERCOT has stated they have made adjustments that will benefit the grid. However these statements will be tested in the coming winter months.

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Recently, Meterologist Brad Panovich tweeted a statement that will raise eyebrows to some Texans:

The mere thought of another stressed grid in the state of Texas might send shivers down a Texan's spine. But when can the population expect the cold temperatures to hit?

Forecasting of Colder Temps In Texas

To say the least, Texas has experienced both hot and cold throughout the winter season. According to Newsweek, warmer temps are once again set to hit the state before the Christmas holiday. But three days before the holiday is set to take place, temperatures are set to get lower and stay low.

Now the good news is that the very cold temps are set to only last for one or two nights, as stated by Newsweek. But those nights in question seem to be the true test of the improvements that were stated by ERCOT.

Time will tell.

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