Back to school is just around the corner and so is Tax-Free Weekend in Texas. Although there are a lot of items you can get free of tax on that weekend it doesn't mean everything is tax-free. It can get a little tricky.

Here are five things you need to know about Tax-Free Weekend in Texas,


#1   When is Tax-Free Weekend in Texas?


Tax-free Weekend will be from Friday, August 5 and will run through Sunday, August 7 at midnight.

#2    Clothing

woman legs out of a pile of clothes on the floor. shopping addiction concept

In Texas clothing under $100 is tax-free and no limit on the number of items. Shirts, pants, blouses, dresses and undergarments will be tax-free. There is an extensive list that shows a (T) as in Taxable and an (E) for Exempt items here.

You'll notice that most sports-related items are not included on Tax-Free Weekend. Neither are personal items like jewelry, hair clips, wallets, purses or watches.

#3   School Supplies

School supplies on wooden table

School supplies under $100 each will also be exempt from sales tax. Things like pens, pencils, paper, folders and notebooks. Also included are lunch boxes and calculators you can see the entire list of school supplies that will be tax-free Here.

#4   Backpacks


Student backpacks and messenger bags are tax-free if they are under $100. You can buy up to 10 backpacks at one time.

#5   Online and Phone Orders

Online shopping using credit card and laptop.

You can purchase the exempt items online or by phone. But delivery and shipping and handling charges will count as the cost of the item. So if that makes the item more than the $100 limit then it will be taxed.  So be careful with this one!


#6 (Bonus)  What About Electronics?

Young Couple Having Problems with Their Smart Phones

Electronics like laptops, computers, phones and TVs? No, they are NOT included. Sorry. 

You can find out more information about Tax-Free Weekend in Texas Here.

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