There are few things in this business that really say you’ve made it, one of them happens to be letters from prison. 
There’s nothing like seeing the tell tell sign of a prison letter waiting for you in the studio to brighten your day before your show.  And as humbling and pride provoking as that may be what I walked in to yesterday  was something impressive on Hallmark level…
Valentine’s Day comes with balloons, flowers, cheap chocolates and halfhearted, store bought cards.  Few attempts at genuine, awe inspiring offerings to the Valentine’s Day Gods have ever been made and even fewer have I personally had the honor of seeing myself, until yesterday.  I received in the mail a handmade Valentine’s Day card that could’ve passed for a boutique type card any day of the week.  This thing looks amazing!  I had to be told who the blonde was because apparently I’m less of a girl than I thought but regardless of my lack of knowledge of Disney Princesses the likeness is uncanny. 
I must say fellas, if you are so bold, this Valentine’s Day if you really want to impress your girl make her a handmade pop up card, cause this thing is work of art. Or you could just get her diamonds, I can say with a high level of certainty you can’t go wrong with diamonds.