If you ask me the world has become an overly sensitive place.  You can’t joke, tease or poke a little innocent fun at anything anymore without having a few committees hunt you down and crucify you and/or fine you a billion dollars.  I however, am not one to follow the heard or stick to the acceptable. 

I like the fact that there isn’t much that I find offensive, especially as long as it’s all in good fun and there is no malice intended. 

I am a huge fan of DIY costumes for Halloween, and I assure you I have seen some good ones and what might be deemed as socially offensive ones too.  I’ve seen a girl dress up in a black onesie leotard with metal hangars all over it and call herself a back alley abortion, I’ve seen “pregnant bald Brittney Spears”, I’ve seen “hanging your baby over the balcony Michael Jackson”,  let’s see there was that one year I saw a guy in a maxi pad costume. Let’s face it, there is a level of multi-faceted humor in dressing up as Monica Lewinsky with a white stain on your dress.


Well folks, (and I thought I was quick on the draw with the inappropriate) there is a costume company in California that is offering an Ebola costume, an Ebola Hazmat costume to be exact. The CEO of the company says “people want that shock and awe.”


What do you think?