New Amazon Prime Instant Video Releases: March 2016
If you’ve been paying for an Amazon Prime subscription, you should probably take advantage of their Instant Video offerings. March brings several new streaming options, including both original Ghostbusters films (to get you pumped for Paul Feig’s new ’busters), along with acclai…
New Amazon Prime Video Releases: February 2016
If you're looking for an alternative to heading out to the theater or if you need a change of pace from Netflix, don't neglect that Amazon Prime subscription. The streaming service has some new exclusive titles arriving next month, including the critically-acclaimed documentary Amy and Spi…
This Had Me So Excited
Yesterday we listed 469 ways to refer to a vagina, and even though the natural flow of things would be to move on to listing ways to refer to a man’s mutton dagger, otherwise known as the male genitalia.