A Texas mother and daughter are suing Americas biggest Mexican restaurant after a life-changing incident.


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Brittany Davis and her minor child drove to a Taco Bell in the Dallas area on June 17. Davis went to the drive-thru to place her order. After receiving her $31 order, Davis noticed she was given the wrong order and returned to the drive-thru to get it corrected.

Davis received the newly fixed order and noticed again, that it was incorrect. Frustrated and hungry, Davis pulled into the parking lot and headed inside with her younger daughter. With the food in one hand and the receipt in the other, the two were let into the dining room by an employee who subtly locked the door behind them.


Davis demanded her order be made correctly, but after ten minutes, the conversation turned 'combative' and the employees decided they would not remake the order and refused service.


According to the suit, a manager who had not been involved in the matter, "came from behind the counter with a scalding bucket of water and poured it onto Brittany and her daughter."

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Two victims were instantly in agonizing pain from the boiling hot water. Davis was hit in the chest by the scalding water and her daughter's face and chest were hit, leaving her clothes soaked in the dangerously hot water.

Panicked and in pain, Davis and her daughter run towards the door to flee but realized the doors were locked. As they fumble with the lock to try and escape, the manager begins heading toward them with a fresh bucket of scalding hot water.


Stricken with fear, the two victims unlock the door in the knick of time, narrowly escaping a second round of scalding water being thrown at them. Screaming in pain, the two run towards their car to quickly get themselves to a hospital.

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Before stepping into the car, Davis' daughter began to strip off her clothes that were still soaked in hot water, meanwhile, Davis begins to have seizures due to trauma.

"As this family was leaving the parking lot, a Taco Bell employee came outside the front door, laughing, clapping, and taunting the family—adding insult to horrific injury," the suit states.


As the two take off and head towards the nearest emergency room Davis continues to have seizures. Without any clothes, Davis's daughter runs into the emergency room to get help for her mother.

Ultimately, her daughter suffered severe burns to her face, chest, legs, arms, and stomach. The burns caused her skin to bubble to the size of softballs. "Brittany suffered deep burns on her chest and stomach with significant damage to her brain function due to the seizures causing her to lose some of her memory," according to the suit.


The more than 1 million dollar charges against Taco Bell target the company as well as their employees involved in the violent situation.

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