It's Memorial Day so before you head to the pool, how strong of a swimmer do you think you are?  You might not be as good as you think.

According to a new survey by the Red Cross, 80% of people claimed they can swim.

But the study found only 56% can do the five basic requirements for "water competency," which goes as follows: Being able to jump into the deep end of a pool, then tread water for one minute, turn around 360 degrees, swim 75 feet, and get out of the pool without using a ladder.

It determines if you could save your own life if you needed to, and half of the people in the study couldn't.

The survey also found 46% of us have been in a situation where we thought we might drown.  But 80% plan to go swimming at least once this summer, and 32% will go somewhere without a lifeguard.



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