"No Shave November" begins next week so here is a survey about men with facial hair and the connection to bad behavior.

According to Eva, a new survey found guys with beards and mustaches are much more likely to do bad things than clean-shaven guys.

Here are some results:

  • Men with goatees are most likely to get into fights and steal stuff.
  • Men with bushy beards are the most likely to get fired from jobs.
  • Men with long mustaches are the most likely to cheat on someone.

The survey also asked women if they even like beards, and the answer was a pretty solid NO.

  • 62% prefer a clean-shaven guy.
  • 65% say they wouldn't consider getting involved with a guy with a beard.

Women's least favorite thing about beards is that they seem unhygienic, their second least favorite thing is food getting stuck in them.