Apparently I am in the minority because I do not have a name for my penis. So if you are the few like me, here are the top names to give your penis, if you choose to.

According to Daily Mirror, a new survey revealed that 73% of men have given their penis a nickname, which means only about one in four guys have not.

Of those guys who have, 72% went with a nickname that evokes strength and power, and 59% say a woman came up with the nickname.

The 11 most popular nicknames are as follows:

  1. Troy.
  2. Hercules.
  3. The Rock.
  4. Russell the Muscle.
  5. Wilfred.
  6. Dave.
  7. Jerry.
  8. Johnny.
  9. Randy.
  10. Wendell.
  11. Napoleon.

Napoleon is not one I would use since Napoleon was a short man with short man syndrome. I am shocked that Dick was not in the top names, since that is probably what most of the guys who haven't named it call it.

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